6 Accessories To Freshen Up Any Living Space

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Articles, Furniture Trends, Home Staging | 0 comments

Oftentimes we focus so much on the bigger items in our living spaces that we forget the accessories and smaller trinkets and baubles. Smaller accessories can make a space breathe with life from every corner. They can make your old furniture pop like new.

Changing some of the accessories in your living spaces can give any space a quick refresh for a lot less hassle and stress than looking for new pieces of furniture. Here, we’ve got a few tips on changing out some room accessories to help give it a whole new look!

Swap Out Some Pillows

An easy change to your furniture can be to swap out the pillows on your couches. Maybe you’ll want more complimentary tones that blend them into the fabric of the couch. Or maybe you’re looking for a color that pops from the couch. Pillow size can also be something that makes your couches look bigger or smaller, and changing them can make it look like a whole new couch appeared out of thin air!

Area Rugs

We’ve already talked about how great an area rug can be in transforming your space. They help anchor furniture, protect your floor, can help accent color schemes, and can even reduce the noise in a room. Changing out one area rug for another vastly different one can help make other parts of any living space pop. The choice can even be as simple as going from a simple one-color area rug to a patterned rug. One-color rugs work great for focusing on color, while patterned area rugs help provide texture to a floor. Either way, area rugs provide a level of visual appeal to a part of the room that people tend to look over.

Wall Art

We often grab wall art and place it up without much thought. But changing out our wall art with new pieces can help freshen up a space. While it’s nice seeing the same pieces every now and then, after a while, it become too familiar. Wall art is specific; think of the number of times you see other works of wall art on a daily basis. I’m sure you see the ones in your house much more often.

Creating Depth With Mirrors

Adding a mirror in a room can provide it a sense of depth that could only be recreated by physically expanding the room. If your room is well put together, a mirror works to reflect the beauty you’ve created there. A well-chosen floor mirror can provide a room some deserving character and sophistication all on its own. Mirrors have a way of making smaller rooms feel larger than they actually are. They work perfectly in living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, and foyers. They’re also able to reflect lights such as candles or fireplaces effectively, allowing the room to glow.

Lights Help Set A Mood

Speaking of lights, adding or moving lights around in any space can help alter the mood it creates. Using candles or string lights can give parts of the room a certain ambiance. Finding the right way to layer these lights can develop a more open and welcoming space for anyone to walk into.