Reasons To Buy A Large Area Rug

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Articles, Furniture Trends, Home Staging | 0 comments

While today’s homes look to feature fancy wooden floors and sparkling tile, many people have forgotten the power of an area rug. They hold many aesthetic and functional purposes, and you’d be surprised about how much one area rug can add to a living space. We’re going to let you in on some benefits to adding an area rug to any living space.

sitting area facing windows with a rug on top of the hardwood floorAccent Color Schemes

If your living space has a specific color accent, why not pop it a bit more? Adding a bold and single-color rug that matches an accent color in a room can brighten it up and emphasize that accent color even more. Even utilizing patterns that use large swathes of a color in the room can help draw eyes to more than just the walls.

Increased Safety

For those with children, area rugs over large play areas can mean the difference between a gentle trip and a trip to the hospital. As well, even adults sometimes slip, so placing accent rugs in spots where it might be a bit more dangerous to fall could help soften the blow and save you a lot of headaches.

Anchors Furniture

Rugs don’t have to be accessory pieces. A single large rug can be the anchor to the entire room, drawing it all towards it. A colored rug in a neutral room can really draw attention towards the rug’s space in a way that helps centralize and define a room’s atmosphere.

Reduce Noise

Compared to hardwood or tile, which cause sounds to bounce and echo, the fabric in carpet absorbs noise. This can help the room feel calmer, as well as keeping out any pesky neighborly noises coming from around the house.

Traps Allergens

Contrary to popular belief, an area rug, when cleaned often, can help significantly improve any allergens you might have in your home. They trap airborne allergens into the rug’s fabric, which makes them less likely to get inside you! However, if you don’t clean them out consistently, these allergens can begin to build up to such a degree that the rug emanates them, which will cause you more issues. Keeping your area rugs aired out and cleaned out consistently can help them trap the most allergens and keep you from sneezing and sniffling.

Throw rug below three bar stools at a granite countertopProtect Flooring

Gorgeous and genuine wooden floors come at a price: they can be nerve-wracking to protect! The leg protectors to help prevent damage from your furniture’s legs can only do so much, and eventually the weight and possible friction from movement will cause the wood floor to become damaged in spots. As well, a lot of foot traffic in spots, especially if someone’s wearing heels or shoes inside constantly, will cause long-term issues for your hardwood or tile floors. Rugs placed in areas where furniture might rub or where there’s heavy foot traffic can help keep many more vulnerable floors looking like new for years to come without spending huge amounts of money in repairs and maintenance.

Extra Art

Art on the walls is great, but some area rugs can be pieces of art all on their own. Realistically, rugs are one of the only true ways to add any kind of art to your floors, so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? Adding an artsy area rug to a living space can make a huge statement and add a dash of artistry to the floor.

A Good Rug’s Worth It

From protecting your floor to adding a splash of color, area rugs are a great fashion with a lot of purpose to them! Hopefully you’ll be able to find one that perfectly complements the furniture we have.