Yes, You Can Rent Furniture!

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Furniture Leasing Article | 0 comments

Furniture rental is a service some may not even be aware was an option. Leasing furniture from a trusted provider allows the freedom of furnishing a temporary living situation without the commitment of owning furniture you may not have space or need for in the future.

If you haven’t thought about furniture rental as an option, you should reconsider. Leasing furniture works for many people in different living situations and walks of life. Before considering this option, you may have some questions.

What is Furniture Rental?

Furniture rental is merely leasing furniture from a provider for a set period, then returning it whenever you no longer require your furniture. The furniture rental process can be as simple as filling out a form, choosing your furniture, and living with it while you need it.

Furniture rental is a popular method to fill a home with a beautiful style without investing large sums in buying furniture. It also works well for those in temporary living situations.

Here at Pittsburgh Furniture Leasing, we’ve simplified our process to four steps: Order, Deliver, Live, Return. You can browse our great selection of furniture leasing packages online to request a quote list to order; we deliver your rented furniture to you, you live with your furniture rental choices until you are ready to return it, and then we pick it up. Our furniture rental process is the most straightforward process for leasing furniture.

Why Consider Furniture Rental?

Furniture rental is best for those renting homes they know they aren’t staying in. If you are a college student who only stays at that house during the school year, or living in a leased apartment or home and aren’t sure what the style or size of your future permanent home could look like, furniture rental is for you.

Always consider other options over buying furniture when you are a renter who may move from rental to rental. Renting furniture is a simple, lower-cost method to furnish your temporary homes that can make life easier when it comes time to move.

Now that you know the furniture rental process, you can think about all your options when it comes time for furniture for a temporary living situation. If you have any more questions about furniture rental, Pittsburgh Furniture has all the solutions to your furniture needs in the Pittsburgh area!