The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bed Size for Your Home

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Not only are there a plethora of different bed sizes to choose from for your home, but some bed sizes have different names depending on where you are looking! With so many options, how could you figure out the perfect sized bed for your home? Look no further for a definitive guide on bed sizes and how you should choose the perfect bed for your home!

The Definitive Guide to Bed Sizes

Twin Sized Mattress

Size Dimensions: 39”x75”

A Twin Mattress is also known as a single, so you may refer to either name if you are shopping for a twin mattress. The slimmest of the sizes we will discuss today, a twin-size bed can fit into odd spaces, small bedrooms, or guest rooms with ease. When selecting a twin size mattress, it is important to note its smaller size. While this size bed may be perfect for a child, teen, or a shorter person sleeping solo on it, many may find the size of a single mattress too small if they are a full grown adult. Think about pet space too if you have them!

Twin Extra Long (XL)

Size Dimensions: 39” x 80”

While the same width as a twin matter, a Twin XL offers more legroom for taller individuals, solving the standard twin mattresses issue of not accommodating adults. While this bed is still only good for single sleepers, the Twin XL is perfect for college dorms and other tight spaces where taller teens and adults may sleep. The twin XL is actually the same length as a king and queen at 80”!


Size Dimensions: 54” x 75”

A full-size mattress is also called a double, so these are the two terms you may see when referring to a mattress of this size. The width of a full bed is noticeably wider than a twin, giving much more space to sleep on, but less space in the room the bed is in. Full mattresses are a good in-between for those who have outgrown a twin but are not quite ready for a queen in terms of room space, cost, or needs. A full would be perfect for a single person, or as a bed for a guest room. For two people a full mattress may still not be extremely spacious, especially if one person moves in their sleep.


Size Dimensions: 60” x 80”

A step up from a full mattress, the queen mattress is the most popular mattress size in the US. Both wider and longer than a full, the queen offers spacious comfort for both an individual and a couple. The queen is perhaps the most versatile bed size because it can support a couple but can optionally fit in smaller spaces than the next size up. The versatility of this mattress is perhaps why it is so popular right now. The size of a queen mattress means you will not outgrow it, as most can sleep alone or share it with a partner with little issue on space, and queen mattresses can usually comfortably fit in master bedrooms.


Size Dimensions: 76” x 80”

The king size mattress is 16” wider than a queen, offering a plethora of extra space. With a king bed, a couple would never have to worry about encroaching on each other’s space, and a single sleeper would have little issue getting comfortable. A king is also a fantastic option for couples sharing a space with pets or children regularly. The largest downside of a king is how much space it can take in a bedroom, so be wary of purchasing a king if you do not have a large master bedroom.

California King

size dimensions: 72” x 84”

The California King is named as such because of its popularity in California. In the mid-1900s there were no exact standards in names or sizes for beds, so king size beds in California were always 72” x 84”. When bed sizes became more standardized, the California King mattress maintained its own size differential. This mattress is less wide than a standard king but is also longer. The benefits of a California King mattress are mostly geared towards extremely tall persons, as the extra length can keep their feet from dangling off the mattress. So while not entirely necessary to own, if you find your king mattress is not long enough for your height, you can invest in a California King to alleviate the issue.

So How Do I Choose Which Bed Size Is Right for Me?

Now that you understand the different dimensions and sizes of beds, you may have a better understanding of which mattress size would work for your home. Think about these things when it comes to choosing the perfect bed size for you:

  • Size of the Bedroom: The first thing to think about is your house! If you live in a house with plenty of space and wide doorways, you may not have to worry about which size bed you purchase. But if your house is smaller, your bedroom has tight restrictions, or you live in a dorm, you will have to be much pickier with the size of the bed you purchase. As a general rule of thumb, a 12×14 bedroom would allow you to comfortably fit a king sized bed or smaller, 10×12 could fit a queen sized bed or lower and at an 8×10 you could purchase a double bed for more room. However, if you are a taller person a double may cause your feet to hang off, which leads to our next thing to consider when choosing a bed size.
  • Size of the Person: Another major consideration when choosing the perfect bed for your home is your height! Sleeping is extremely uncomfortable if your feet hang off the bed, so make sure you have a bed long enough to keep your legs on. If you are 5’9 or under, a twin sized bed and up should be good enough for your height. At 5’10 or taller you should heavily consider a twin extra long, queen, or king, as the extra length of these beds will better support your height. If you happen to be taller than 6’3-6’4, that’s where California king comes into play. The extra length of the California King is especially important for a taller person, so consider one of these mattresses if you normally find your feet hanging off with other bed sizes.
  • Number of People: Also remember that sleeping single or as a couple will heavily influence the size of the mattress you should have! Single sleepers have many options in bed size as a twin sized bed and up can usually sleep one person fine. However, if you are a couple sleeping in the same bed regularly, a queen or larger may be your best bed option. You should also consider if you have children who may sleep in bed with you at times, or pets who enjoy jumping into bed at night!

When it comes to choosing the best mattress size for your lifestyle and home needs, it is vital to consider your options and know what to look for to fit you. Now that you have the information, you can purchase the perfect mattress for your home! Need more information or ready to start looking at bedroom sets now? At Pittsburgh Furniture, we have plenty of options for bedroom sets to match your mattress size needs, and knowledgeable staff to help!