Keeping Your Furniture Clean While You Move

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Articles | 0 comments

Moving is a hassle. Even worse so is keeping everything as clean after the move as before the move. You’re picking up old storage boxes that haven’t been touched in years. Couches and tables might only fit through a doorframe with a fair amount of elbow grease (and luck). There’s the chaos of kids and pets running around while this all happens. All the while you’re still living in the same space for a little while longer and slowly accumulating dirt and dust as things sit, are moved around, and left sitting again.

Okay, maybe it’s a huge hassle.

Well don’t worry. We’ve got a few suggestions to keep your couches clean and crisp as you’re moving!

Make Sure Everything is Clean

While this sounds dumb at first, ensuring that everything is clean means that you’re starting from a good place. How many times have you grabbed that box from the attic and placed it down on the couch, only to find a huge dust stain on your couch when you pick up the box? And dust isn’t even the worst.

Use Quality Moving Boxes

I know you’ve had those photo albums in the same box in the attic for 25 years, but maybe it’s time to get a replacement. As your boxes and personal belongings are sitting around, they collect dust, grow mold, and absorb moisture, all things that will most likely end up touching your furniture. It might be because you have to place the boxes on the couch in the moving van.

Maybe you’ll place a box on a coffee table while organizing yourself for the whole moving process. But eventually, box will touch furniture, and whatever it’s carrying will get left behind. Replacing your old cardboard boxes with cleaner, newer ones can prevent a lot of accidental messes.

Disassemble What You Can

Okay, so maybe you can’t take apart every piece of that couch. But maybe you can take the legs off, put the seat cushions in bags to keep them away while you’re moving the whole couch. The more parts you can disassemble from any piece of furniture, the easier it will be to keep each individual part and the whole furniture piece clean and accounted for.

Plan Out Your Moving Day

As simple as this seems, thinking out how and when you’ll move out specific pieces of furniture that might be more of a hassle would be a great way to account for issues along the way. Think of where you’ll be moving it through, where you’re parking the truck, how you’ll get it inside, whether it needs to be strapped down or not, and other pieces of furniture it might do well besides when the truck is in motion. These are all great things to think ahead of your moving day so that things stay cleaner and are put away faster.