Furniture Available Now!

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Articles, Furniture Trends | 0 comments

loggy sand 3With Covid-19 still around and supply chain issues everywhere you turn, it can be easy to be disillusioned when looking for furniture. Many places are sold out of even their most basic of supplies, and some have resorted to tactics like constantly delaying the delivery date and charging people fees for cancelling orders over 6 months late. Imagine waiting for furniture for over six months, only to be told that if you cancelled the order, you’ll be charged more money. When you treat your customers with more contempt than compassion, of course they’re going to be upset and angry!

At Pittsburgh Furniture Leasing & Sales, we pride ourselves with being caring, compassionate, and honest. We have furniture you can buy today and take home with you in the same day, or you can have us ship it to you within the month! We want your home looking gorgeous and well furnished, and we have just the furniture in mind for you. So come on down, take a seat, and maybe a dining room table too.