5 Benefits of Home Staging

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Furniture Leasing Article | 0 comments

When it comes time to put a home on the market, there are two things every home seller and real estate agent aims to do: sell the house fast, and for the most money. Home staging is a service that many sellers are using to achieve both goals. Home staging allows a house to feel like a home.

While home staging has an initial cost investment, the ability to sell quickly for a higher profit significantly outweighs the starting costs of home staging.
Before you even consider listing your house online or putting that “for sale” sign in your window, check out these five major benefits to home staging.

Stand Out in Your Neighborhood with Home Staging

The moment you list your house on the market, it competes with every other house in your surrounding area. The best way to look unique and draw potential buyers in is home staging. Home staging allows your potential customers to imagine how their future home would look, increasing their emotional connection to your property.

If two identical houses were on the market for the same price, one bare and empty, and the other home staged to show the potential future for a prospective buyer; the choice would be clear.

Home Staging Increases Your Home’s Value

While home staging does not increase the actual value of your home, it increases the perceived value. When you decide to stage your home, it allows you to show your home in the best possible light. A potential buyer can see the maximum potential your house has, adding to their perceived value of the time. A survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. showed that staged homes were able to sell 6% above the asking price, and sometimes more than that.

Home Staging Creates Easier to Market Homes

When it comes to proper home staging, the result is a home ready to be photographed for a home-living magazine cover. You can take advantage of your beautifully staged home by taking photos and offering online tours. A potential customer takes more time to look through your house when staged because it allows them to visualize the space better. Home staging will enable you to create beautiful images and detailed walkthroughs of your home that are more visually appealing than empty rooms.

Home Staging Brings More People into Your Home

A study done by the National Association of Realtors shows 46% of prospective buyers are more willing to visit a staged home in person after viewing it online. Home staging makes online shoppers more willing to take the next step to visiting the physical location, improving the chances of the buyer placing an offer on your home. A prospective buyer that commits to visiting a home after viewing it online shows more interest in the home. Home staging catches the eye and brings people closer to placing an offer on your home.

Home Staging Sells Your Home Faster

A study conducted by The Real Estate Staging Association showed how home staging could affect how fast a home can sell. The study took 174 unstaged homes that were on the market for an average of 156 days. These homes were then staged, which reduced their time spent on the market by 73%. It only took an average of 42 days after staging the houses for sale. Home staging sells homes faster.

Whether a house is on the market for one day or one hundred days, it is never an inconvenient time to prepare and show a home with home staging. Make sure you are properly showcasing your space to achieve the benefits of home staging.